Poem topic: food

Here are some refrigerator poems! If you scroll to the bottom, you can add your own.

rice soup stove that
by klu
12 Nov 21:59
a and feelings for fridge gray miso on red rice soup stove stripped the with yellow you
13 Nov 00:56
and berries blue broccoli chocolate feelings in of on potatoes soup
13 Nov 01:00
berries chocolate for fridge in is it on pans soup stove the to with you
by dot
13 Nov 02:48
broccoli gray ing is it potatoes wheat yellow
13 Nov 04:20
and are broccoli feelings for gray ing rice the
18 Nov 02:08
for soup the was you
18 Nov 02:09
and are as berries chocolate feelings for is on shelf the you
20 Nov 17:25
a are dots feelings miso of on potatoes red rice soup stove stripped the with
23 Nov 11:55
are berries blue broccoli feelings is potatoes was yellow
20 Dec 12:03

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