Poem topic: berries

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are bloom buttercup ing you
12 Nov 22:01
I a and flower harvest juice pale ripe sprout stubby to unusual was with you
13 Nov 01:09
and berry buttercup divide flower fruit gallop gingham golden harvest juice mango on sugar the yellow yogurt
13 Nov 01:09
for fruit pale pink stubby was you
by dot
13 Nov 02:32
as bloom flower golden mango ripe yellow
13 Nov 04:23
bloom buttercup classify defy divide pale pink sprout
by Test
17 Nov 03:10
and cut defy harvest juice mango pale ripe sugar the yellow
by anna
19 Nov 12:56
fruit golden harvest mango sprout unusual
22 Nov 02:31
I fruit gallop gingham golden in ing is of on pink sugar weed with yellow yogurt you
24 Nov 11:21
beet crow defy golden ing is juice mango of on pale s the yogurt
24 Dec 16:05
buttercup dill gallop gingham golden harvest in sprout the unusual
03 Jan 21:31
I a berry buttercup crow golden harvest mango ripe sugar the unusual weed you
03 Jan 21:36

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