Poem topic: seaside

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is ocean peaceful surrounded the undertow uninhabited
by bork
12 Nov 21:47
I a billow carousel in ing it jump n peaceful s seamanship snorkel the undertow uninhabited unique wander with you
by abc
12 Nov 22:04
and cheerful expect isle it on sandcastle sandy taffy the undertow uninhabited wander was wonder you
by dot
12 Nov 23:23
billow carousel checkered cheerful forward in is loud on peaceful sandcastle sandy snorkel taffy wander
13 Nov 00:42
I and as cheerful in ing jump loud ocean on revel s the turn undertow wander wonder you
13 Nov 01:00
I are cheerful expect ocean peaceful seamanship unique you
by dot
13 Nov 03:45
I in ocean revel sandy the wander wonder
13 Nov 04:18
isle ocean of revel sandy sense snorkel surfer surrounded undertow wonder
17 Nov 13:38
I isle of sandy surrounded the uninhabited unique wonder
by g-w1
17 Nov 20:23
I as billow forward in ing jump mast ocean on revel s the to turn wander with wonder you
17 Nov 21:29
a as for in ing is it loud n of on s seamanship sense start taffy that to turn undertow wander with wonder you
by asdf
18 Nov 14:22
I cheerful expect forward in ing intricate is ocean peaceful sandcastle seamanship start surrounded the to turn uninhabited with wonder you
24 Nov 11:17
a billow carousel ed forward ing of seamanship sense unique with
22 Dec 19:35

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